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SpotCheckHub focuses on helping restaurants recover in the post COVID-19 shutdown era. Leveraging two proven technologies, site information with reviews, and crowdfunding, SpotCheckHub lets restaurants post their COVID safeguard policies so that patrons can make informed decisions. It also lets patrons comment on their experience and donate money to help keep their favorite restaurants in business.

We're all about
Dining Safety.

Our Dining Safeguards Checklist© lets restaurants tell you exactly what they are doing to protect your dining safety. And, our Dining Safeguards Reviews lets people share their experiences so that you can dine informed.

Food Delivery
Food Delivery

And, Saving Restaurants.

Our self-directed crowdfunding lets you direct a donation to one or more of your favorite restaurants to help them stay in business during these hard times.

Key Features


Search your favorite restaurants or discover new ones to try.


Check restaurants’ profiles to view their Dining Safeguards, Store Hours, Location and more.


Write a Safeguard Review: Your reviews let others know how well a restaurant did protecting your health so that they can make an informed decision before visiting that restaurant.


If you want, use our Save-A-Restaurant feature to help your favorite dining spots get through this difficult time.

Mission / Vision

Our Mission: To promote a robust recovery of restaurants in the post COVID-19 shutdown era by sharing information and reviews on how restaurants are safeguarding patrons against viral transmission; and by providing patron-directed crowdfunding to assist restaurants financially as they re-build and operate in a more expensive and reduced-capacity environment.
Our Vision: Renewed consumer confidence in the safety of restaurant dining facilitated by restaurants adhering to self-declared dining safeguards, with the dining community sharing their experiences in a manner that fosters continuous re-evaluation and improvement of those safeguards; and with generous donations from patrons helping restaurants recover lost revenues and offset added expenses.